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Shared Office

Customer Services

Delta County, Alger County and Luce County
Faye Witte - 906-233-1201

Cheryl Corden - 906-233-1389

Marquette County
Casey O'Connor - 906-225-7237

Pathways customer service encourages you to contact us when you have a question about mental health services or if you need information about what resources may be available to you. We can also help you if you are dissatisfied with any part of your treatment and wish to file a grievance/complaint. More information regarding this process is available in the 


*Northcare Customer Service Handbook.

*Audio Version of Northcare Customer Service Handbook.

Pathways Customer Service Guide

If you are interested in participating in customer service activities and help to guide Pathways presence or to have your voice heard you may be interested in joining one of our many groups. Below are a list of our current groups/boards. If you are interested in joining please speak to your case manager for availability.



For Customer Services assistance, please contact one of the following:

Apply to become a member of any of the following by contacting your Case Manager:

  • Pathways board of Directors

  • Community Advisory Team

  • Recipient Rights Advisory Committee

  • Strategic Planning Committee

  • Walk A Mile Committee

  • P.E.S.T. (Pathways Eliminating Stigma Team)

  • T.I.C. (Trauma Informed Champions)


Other Ways to help improve our customer service:

  • Complete Surveys by mail or phone asking for your input

  • Participate in periodic focus groups

  • Attend board meetings and public hearings

  • Participate in persons served activity/program development groups

  • Use suggestion boxes to give input

  • Participate in person served-run programs (drop-in centers, social groups, etc.)

  • Provide input directly to any Pathways employee

  • Be an active participant in your treatment planning




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